Information on Buddhism and Psychedelics

Information on Buddhism and Psychedelics

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Following are a series of links to freely-available information on the topic of Buddhism and psychedelics.

Jack Kornfield on Buddhism and psychedelics

  • "I see psychedelics as one of the most promising areas of modern consciousness research. I would not be surprised if at some point there comes to be a useful marriage between some of these sacred materials and a systematic training or practice that I have described. That marriage will have to be based on an understanding and respect for the ancient laws of karma, grounded in compassion, virtue, an open heart and a trained mind, and the laws of liberation. Given those, there might be some very fruitful combination." - Interview with Tricycle Magazine, Fall 1996
  • Interview with Robert Forte, February 1986
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  • Tara Brach on Buddhism and psychedelics

  • "Over the centuries humans from across the globe have employed the respectful use of psychoactive substances in seeking insight into the nature of mind and consciousness. The effects of Buddhist meditation and psychedelic drugs have a number of parallels, including increasing the value of the present moment, deepening levels of awareness and increasing compassion and loving-kindness. The most prominent of these effects is deconditioning habitual identification with the incessant arising of thought, emotions and sensations. A better understanding of the relationship between psychedelic drugs and meditation could provide important guidance on how a weaving of psychedelic use with meditative trainings might, for some practitioners, serve deep emotional healing and spiritual awakening." - Tara Brach, 2014
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  • Vanja Palmers on Meditation and psychedelics

  • Article on Meditation and Psychedelics, MAPS Newsletter, Fall 2001 (web) | (pdf)
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  • Myron J. Stolaroff on Buddhism and psychedelics

    Buddhism and Psychedelics: A community discussion with Kokyo Henkel and James Fadiman